Our Services

Service is the key to any successful organization. Above all, Deep South Freight is a service provider. We consistently provide on-time deliveries, efficient service and high safety standards while being mindful of our customers business. We maintain open lines of communication with our customers and work with them to meet the expectations of their logistical needs. Our mission is to be a dependable company that our customers can trust.

Truckload Dry Van

Dedicated Contract

Logistics Consulting

Custom Transportation Solutions

Cross-town and Local Hauling

Experienced Staff

Our Equipment

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Company Tractors:

  • New Model Volvos

Company Trailers:

  • 53′ x 102″
  • 110″ Inside Height
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 45,000 lbs.

  • Air Ride
  • Logistics Posts

  • Vented
  • Sliding Tandems